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Cosmetics Brand
Cosmetics Brand
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Cosmetics Brand

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Create your OWN Cosmetics line but with NO inventory and NO shipping!!

The supplier puts your logo on every item ordered and ships for you!! We give you a beautiful store ready to make money!

Your store will look like the demo store but will have your own name and logo. The $1999 is a one time cost. Includes logo, and your store setup with all products.  Also includes disclosure of supplier and all instructions needed to run your store. Once the store is transferred to you, you will OWN the name of the store as well as the store in its entirety. You can make any store changes you see fit at any time. Add or delete products at your discretion at any time.

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Premium Canadian, Cosmetics

with YOUR Store Logo on every product! Made and

shipped to order!  


Sales Potential is UNREAL!


Lipgloss supplier cost:  $9                           

Retail: $15  

Proft: $6

From 3 daily orders you'll earn $558.00 monthly

How does it work?

Our team will build your store for you on Shopify ready to make money, and give to you, the rightful owner

1) Your Customer Buys Cosmetics From Your Store

2) The Order is Automatically Sent to the Supplier

3) They Mail the Product with YOUR STORE LOGO ON THE PRODUCTS (not theirs)

4) They Ship the order To Your Customer & Provide Tracking Info

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What happens once I order the store and pay?

Turnkey Online Stores will build you an amazing, drop ship Cosmetics website. Logo design, domain name, product and supplier selection will all be done for you. Upon your checkout and purchase of your store, we will contact you with some domain names to choose from, if you have a name in mind you can simply let us know by responding back with your chosen name. When we handover the store ownership to you, you'll be ready to start selling your products!  Everything you need to know to get started will be sent to you. We also include a vetted marketer that will be at your disposal to build, run and scale your marketing campaigns.

How much is Shipping? and where do we ship to?

Domestic is Free (USA), Worldwide differs by country

We will be accepting returns?

There is a no return policy for cosmetics

What if the order doesn’t arrive?

Supplier will refund or replace, if tracking shows delivered they can do neither

Is customer service supplied by my supplier?

Yes…by chat


What are my monthly costs to run my store?

$29 for the basic Shopify plan (to host your store)

$99 a Month for your Supplier Integration APP