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What happens once I pay for the store?

You will be emailed by the Turnkey Online Stores' team with some simple instructions as the process to building your store will begin within 24 hours after your purchase. If you want the consulting package ($6,000 total) reach out to the team to chat and get an invoice. Use the contact form or email The $6,000 Consulting package includes:

  • Done for you store
  • Product Research (10 to 50 Products added)
  • Branding
  • Ad Creation and Management
  • Customer Service/LIFETIME Consulting
  • Fixing of ANY issues that come up in the site
  • Logo/Domain/Premium Shopify theme

What is the difference between the $1,999 store and the $6,000 Done for You Package?

The $1999 is for those experienced in e-commerce. A done for you store will be handed to you with your products uploaded, and you will have a supplier. However, no consulting is included to build your brand, and scale your store. See what is included in the $6,000 consulting package bulleted above.

Can I pay for the $6000 consulting package on the site?

No. You, you will need to reach out to chat to an expert, and then if we agree that the package is a good fit for your needs you will then be expected to make payment.

How long does it take for the build out of my store?

About 2 to 4 weeks

What exactly is dropshipping and are all the stores on the site dropship stores?

Dropshipping essentially is a business model where the supplier does all of the work for store owners (such as us). You and I are retailers that make a profit from taking the wholesale price of the products from the supplier site and adding in our profit margin to each product before placing them in our store.

The process is simple! The customer purchases the products on OUR store (retail) we get paid on OUR store, we then order from the supplier on THEIR store wholesale. This process makes you and I the retailers and the supplier the wholesaler. Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to run their own online stores without ever managing inventory or buying products in advance saving US a lot of upfront money. The supplier is responsible for packing, and shipping the product. The supplier is also responsible for any returns. More details to how this works will be outlined in your on boarding email you will receive after ordering your store.

Do I own my store and store name?

Yes, your store will be transferred to you. You will own 100% of the store and the domain name.

How many products are added to the store and how are they chosen?

The Turnkey Online Store team has a combined 24 years of experience in E-commerce. They will carefully research and select only the best selling products in your niche. We also select only the best reviewed products on the supplier site. The team selects 10 to 50 products for your new store.

Can I add more products?

YES! The store will be 100% yours. When your initial instructions are sent to you by email they will contain a simple method to get as many products as you want added to your store.

Will I have a Dropship Supplier for my store?

YES! The store will be connected by your APP. There will be a subscription to an APP (piece of software) that you will need to subscribe to once the store is transferred to you. The APP will be connected to your supplier which will allow you to upload/download products from your supplier among other tasks. Any steps that you need to take to help with the initial build out of your store will be included in your on boarding email which you will receive within 24 hours of ordering your store.

Are there any ongoing fees?

Yes, Shopify charges $29 to host your store on their platform. All of the stores are built on the Shopify platform as we are a Shopify partner. Also the app which is used to connect the products to your supplier for them to dropship for you is a fee typically between $29-$49 a month. You will need to set aside a marketing budget to drive traffic to your store.

How do I drive traffic to my store?

Inquire about the $6k done for you package by reaching out on the contact form. Or you can email support at The $1,999 store alone package will be given a referral to a vetted marketer that you will pay extra for.

I am a newbie I am not sure what to do with my store once I buy it or how to run it!

If you need more than just a store consider the done for you consulting package for $5,000. Once you are a client, you are a client for LIFE...this is an offer made by NO other company!