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Expand Your Currrent Business with an Online Coffee Store
Expand Your Currrent Business with an Online Coffee Store
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Expand Your Currrent Business with an Online Coffee Store

Expand Your Currrent Business with an Online Coffee Store

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Our customized online coffee stores offer business owners a unique opportunity to extend their brand identity beyond traditional boundaries. Picture your business's name and logo adorning premium coffee blends and delightful treats, creating a lasting impression with each sip. Not only does this initiative strengthen brand recognition, but it also cultivates a community around your business. Moreover, by partnering with us, all profits from the coffee store go directly to your business, providing an additional revenue stream. Let's craft a caffeinated masterpiece that amplifies your brand's presence.

Your store will look like the demo store but will have your own name and logo. The $1999 is a ONE time cost and we will never take any of your profits at any time!  $1999 Includes a logo, premium design, addition of all products branded with your store name.  Also included is the connection of the premium coffee supplier that will roasting coffee beans fresh with every order, packing and shipping your orders automatically. Once the store is transferred to you, you will OWN the name of the store as well as the store in its entirety. You can make any store changes you see fit at any time. Add or delete products at your discretion at any time. Consulting packages are available upon request store plus the consulting package is $5500, please use the contact form to inquire before placing your order.

Start your own Online Coffee Store

Our team will build your store for you on Shopify. It will be ready to make money when we give to you, the rightful owner

1) Your Customer Buys Coffee From Your Store

2) The Order is Automatically Sent to the Supplier

3) They Mail the Product with YOUR BUSINESS LOGO ON THE BAG (not theirs)

4) They Ship the order To Your Customer & Provide Tracking Info

**Price on the video of the store was quoted as $1300. Due to demand, the price was changed to the current price of $1999 (store only, store with consulting package is $5500)


Features of your Store

  • Sell delicious coffee beans from all over the world
  • Premium grade coffee, roasts the day of order
  • Ships fast- typically 3 days after order is received
  • FREE shipping to USA
  • You hold no expensive stock, orders automatically placed to supplier as they come in

We give you your store 100% ready to make money

What you should know about Dropshipping

Drop shipping allows you to sell without having to invest and hold expensive inventory. NEVER do you have to worry about buying expensive shipping materials and postage....and those daily visits to USPS Fuhgeddaboudit!! The supplier takes care of packaging and shipping each order for you as they come in…one by one.

 A drop shipping business takes away all the day to day grind so you can focus on making money. The system is so simple and newbie friendly, even those with 0 tech skill will be running their store CONFIDENTLY, with our written instructions, with EASE.

Will my customers know I am not the supplier and that I am drop shipping?

With your own store logo on each bag, no customer will know the beans didn’t come straight from your on- premises coffee bean roaster!

How do my customers pay me?

Your store will have payment settings you turn on that will have your store accepting all forms of credit/debit cards. Funds go to your account typically in 5 business days.

Scale your store to a FULL TIME INCOME

With 74% of adults drinking coffee at least occasionally, if not daily, the world is literally your oyster with this business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is Shipping? and where do we ship to?

    Domestic is Free (USA), Worldwide is $30 flat

    We will be accepting returns?

      NO as coffee is perishable. There is a no return policy.

      What if the order doesn’t arrive?

        Supplier will refund or replace, if tracking shows delivered they can do neither.

        Is customer service supplied by my supplier?

           Yes…by chat

          What are my monthly costs to run my store?

             $29 for the basic Shopify plan (to host your store)

             $30 for the supplier app to sync your orders

             TOTAL - $59 monthly!!!