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Overcoming Your Fear Of Owning An Online Business


Overcoming your fear of starting an online business is completely doable! By utilizing this step-by-step approach, you will be amazed at the results you could accomplish!

Gone are the days of having the excuse that you do not have the resources to build a successful business! With the advent of computers & smartphones, the “technology” excuse is out the door.

Now the biggest hurdle is overcoming your fear of starting an online business! There’s a few common “fears” that people have displayed to us:

  • I’m not a salesman.
  • I don’t know how to start.
  • What will people think of me?
  • I’m not sure I’ll be successful.
  • I’m not a writer… How could I blog?

These are just a few common fears people have. And, quite frankly, these are excuses people tell themselves because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone to experience an extraordinary life!

Today, we are going to break these fears together so that you can be successful in living the life of your dreams! Imagine what that would feel like! Being free to BE, DO, and HAVE whatever it is your heart’s desire all because you stood up for yourself, and took control of your destiny!

Now if you want to open an online store the hard way let’s get into the steps:

Dive Into Personal Development

Mental blocks starts in your… MIND! By diving into personal development, you can break many of the mental games you are playing on yourself.

I used to think, “only people with mental problems need personal development!” Boy was I wrong!

As soon as I started diving into rewiring my brain for success by listening to powerful influencers like Brian Fanale, Tony Robbins, Esther Hicks, Matt Kahn, and Mike Dillard did I start to experience a shift in my mind.

You begin to see that YOU are worthy of the journey!

YOU are capable!

And YOU are able to learn new skills that will allow you to Get Your Blog On!

Starting an online business now seems in your grasp, and you can see the future is bright!

Write Down Your Idea

This seems simple enough! By writing down your idea about starting an online business, you will start to manifest your idea into The Universe!

It is what we focus on that becomes our reality.

Do this exercise right now… Grab a pen and piece of paper and write out:

  • What is it that I want?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your passion?
  • What could I talk about all day?
  • Who would be the people I would want as my customers and clients?
  • What must I learn to build out my idea?

By being specific, you will start to see your path appear right before your eyes!

Research What Others Are Doing

As much as most of us think we have an original idea… which you may… Buuuttt… Many times, our ideas have already been done, and people quite possibly have very successful businesses that they have started online because they took action!

So what do you do?


Do research on your ideas! YOU are completely unique, and there’s no one else just like you! This being said… Even though someone else may have started a cooking blog, or a fitness channel, or even branded themselves as a successful Realtor, YOU are what’s missing from the marketplace!

Take your idea & search them in Google! See what comes up!

Look to see what others are doing. What are they offering? What are they selling?

How could YOU bring your personality, and uniqueness to your idea?

How could you turn your passion into profit?

This will start helping you dial in what it is you could offer, how you could present your information, what social media channels you could use, and how you want YOUR unique blog to be set up!

To Get Your Blog On and start branding yourself Today, check out our eCourse, Get Your Blog On, that will walk you through so that you can LAUNCH your idea!

Build Your Brand

To this point, you have taken your idea, researched others who have potentially done something similar, and you are now ready to LAUNCH!

Building your brand is the face of your business. This includes things like your Brand Name, Logo, Tagline, Colors, Fonts, and Style!

You can either build out your images using programs like Photoshop or Canva (there’s a ton more, but these are our go-to image creation programs), or even hire a company to interview you, and build out some ideas with you!

You’ll also build your blog/website so that the world can find you!

In the next section, we’ll cover how to do it yourself so that you can save money, and learn to be the creative mastermind of the Empire you are building!

Learn To Market Your Brand

Now that you have your blog & website built, it’s time to start marketing your VALUE! The benefits of what you offer! This is no sales pitch! (No one wants to be sold or to feel like they are being sold!)

Marketing is a ton of fun! You get to start connecting with people who are interested in similar things as you, and start putting your content out in front of them!

Marketing is something that You have to learn! If you think that you can just build a website and your business will take off, that’s one of the #1 ways to stay broke.

Invest in yourself, your training & your business, and it will grow! Learning marketing is something that grows with you over time. It’s not something that you can learn in a week, and be proficient with. It’s something that you start learning, and you continue learning through the entire course of your business!

If learning how to get your message out there interests you, you may want to check out our on-demand training class at

 Our good mentor, Yoda, once said, “Do or Do Not… There Is No Try.” So for those who are actually going to build their brand, and a successful business (not just try…) 

Build, Engage, Sell

Building a community of fans is one of the best ways you could jump start your online business. Without people, you don’t have a business.

Using a Facebook Business Page, you are able to set up your preferences to target your ideal audience – the people who would most likely buy your product or service. These are the interests of your ideal customer or client.

Create content that causes your audience to want to engage with you! Your content should be value focused chocked full of benefits, and inviting for your audience to interact by becoming a part of the community you create!

When you build the know, like, and trust factors, people will automaically want to start buying from you. It’s really cool when this starts happening! You won’t have to “sell” them. It will be a natural, clean progression of their relationship with you.

Once you build an audience who wants to engage with you, any time you have an offer that provides the solution to their problem, or answers their most pressing questions, YOU are their hero!

By rewiring your mind for success using personal development, writing out your ideas, doing research, investing in your skills & knowledge, building a blog that makes YOU an authority in your niche, and creating a community of raving fans… YOU will create a solid business online!

Taking charge is the first step to overcoming your fear of starting an online business.

IMAGINE what life would be like if you were just in a room talking with people you know about what you love!

What would you talk about?

What lights you up?

Are you embarrassed to talk about those things? Probably not!

Start an Online Business the EASY Way

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