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Top Drop shipper: Irwin Dominguez

From zero to $1M+ in less than 12 months

Meet Irwin Dominguez from San Diego who within 8 months made $1,000,000 in profit as a drop shipper.

What drove Irwin to e-commerce entrepreneurship as a drop shipper ?

Dominguez happen to have a very good friend who was bringing in large amounts of cash on a monthly basis as a drop shipper. Irwin had no clue how to start drop shipping but he figured he would give it a try since he felt he had more to gain than to lose. He started by doing three simple things:

  1. He learned about e-commerce using Google
  2. He opened a Shopify account
  3. He started using Oberlo which is a platform which helps you import drop shipped products into your E-commerce store and ship them directly to your customer

What was Irwin doing before drop shipping and how did he make his first sale ?

Before becoming a drop shipping success story, Dominguez was a local marketing consultant helping small businesses increase online traffic. The skills he acquired through this job no doubt helped him succeed in his new online venture.

He made his first sale using Facebook ads which he says ate into most of his profit but was well worth the investment in order to jump-start his business. He swears by advertising on Facebook and says he owes most of his success to this form of marketing though he stresses that business owners must learn over time how to balance the cost of Facebook ads with profit margins.

Let’s talk numbers – what is Dominguez’s  revenue per day

On his best day of e-commerce, Irwin pulled in a cool $30,000 and on average pulls in $10,000 a day though he says he is trying to increase these numbers.

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